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More than just a clever name play, Game Changer is a graphic-centric clothing brand with a laser-like focus set towards light-hearted leisure. The world as we know it is riddled with fatalistic bleakness, and is desperately in need of some high-spirited humor to help cut through the political bullshit. The label’s aim is to help uplift the fashion sphere by injecting an air of whimsy into an industry informed by rigid gender codes and counterfeit culture vultures.

Game Changer is an expressive platform of pop-art references that have been twisted in such a way that ‘changes’ its baseline DNA; in a comical tongue-in-cheek kind of way of course. For its first collection, visual cues from a handful of notable names are spliced together in a breadth of innovative ways, creating a whole new aesthetic from end-to-end. Game Changer believes in fashionable fraternization; not only in the real world, but garment design as well.