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British-born painter Amar Stewart has successfully carved out a niche painting legendary hip-hop acts in a hyperrealistic portrait-style manner. No stranger to the public eye by any means, Stewart has graced the pages of several noteworthy publications, including Complex and The New York Times for his work covering such musical pioneers; although in a manner far more poetic than most traditional oil paintings.

Amar Stewart has a knack for sketching the game’s most revered rappers exactly as we remember them, however, has made a name for himself reimagining such icons dressed like 17th-century aristocrats. In what can be looked at as a fictional pop-culture time machine, Stewart has found a way to bridge the gap between classic hip-hop and the days of yore. Be sure to catch a glimpse of B.I.G., Nas, Slick Rick and others dressed as respectable noblemen from the distant past.

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