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Sandy Gill

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I tell stories through fashion, stories of resilience, freedom, and love. I tell these stories because everyone can relate, and I want to create a community where we can share our stories and also wear our stories, in an effort to heal, learn, grow and celebrate them.
We all experienced loss over the last several months 
We lost loved ones.
We lost time.
We lost control.
But perhaps we didn't really lose anything.
and instead
gained everything
We all experienced deep learning
Reminding us of who and what we love.
What we want to do with our time.
and to keep these lessons close.
Season 2 of Tuff Bandit is called Land with Grace, reminding us to make the best out of the worst and keep the lessons with us into the future. To look at the transformative last 13 months, no matter how heartbreaking and uncertain they may have felt, and use them to be the foundation of our next chapter in life. 
Proceeds from this collection will be donated to @CreateStructure towards securing housing for those that have lost their homes and have been displaced due to the climate migration crisis, because many of them have experienced severe loss but are left with no choice but to rebuild, and it is important to help provide them with the tools to do so.