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Haley Benoit

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Haley Benoit is a former Merchant Marine turned fashion stylist, model and entrepreneur who is well known in the Toronto fashion scene for her work with Fashion Art Toronto, TSOQ, and UNTITLED&CO.

After getting into a serious car accident, she was forced to take stock and reevaluate her life. She decided to cut out toxic people, and toxic behaviours and focus on building her personal empire rather than letting her unique creative energy go to waste. She created the ‘Whiplashd’ brand as a nod to the literal whiplash she experienced as a result of her accident, and the figurative whiplash than can be associated with doing a ‘180’ in one’s personal life in order to get on a more productive path.

Now a Beauty Studio & Apparel boutique, Whiplashd is designed to be a safe, inclusive space, focusing on unisex apparel and beauty products. Running in contrast to the brand’s positive outlook is the dark, edgy leaning of its aesthetic which conjures images of vintage pin-up culture wrapped in barbed wire and covered in tattoo ink. A tough exterior adorned with skulls, and spikes belies a sensitive soul looking to do good in the world.