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Layla Luciano

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My Legendary Soul capsule collection grew out of a need for a more balanced approach to my training and my lifestyle. After an injury, I realized I needed to focus on not just getting my strength back but improving my movement quality. I created an at home strength and mobility program for myself to get my legs back to their strength and increase my flexibility and range of motion. 

In quarantine, I also started studying holistic health and herbalism in order to learn how to heal myself and others. I was inspired by the holistic health approach as an appreciation of patients as mental and emotional, social and spiritual, as well as physical beings. I feel as if we have gotten so far away from understanding ourselves that we don’t realize we are active partners in healing ourselves and not just passive recipients of health care. The colors and designs are inspired by herbs, flowers and nature. This is contrasted with some element of bold and strong through the fonts and/or patterns.

- Layla Luciano