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Born in Calgary, Alberta, Kiesza is an accomplished singer/songwriter, who outside of music, boasts a multifaceted background that spans a crosswind of creative disciplines. Arguably best known for her hit smash “Hideaway,” Kiesza first cut her teeth as a folk singer, before finding her footing as a lively pop/dance artist. In 2010, she relocated to the bustling streets of New York as a way to fuel her creative passion, which over time, helped inform the ‘electro-pop’ sound she is known for today.

Kiesza has had a busy run of things over the past few months, releasing her first track of 2020 “When Boys Cry” with “All Of The Feelings” following closely behind. The artist is readying the release of her latest studio project, dubbed Crave, and in doing so, enlisted the help of STiCH to design her first-ever capsule collection.