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“Preserving the Legacy” is a precise offering meant to honor Sean Price’s past in such a way that sets the stage for his family’s future. Urbancoolab’s AI matrix spliced poetic imagery of the rapper performing onto a series of hoodies, sweatshirts and tees. One such item fronts an image of Price posing on stage with his daughter, Shaun, along the front, with the back calling attention to the phrase, “I leave that rap shit outside.” Taken from the track “Price Family,” the lyrics allude to Price’s most coveted role in life; being a loving husband and father to his girls. Urbancoolab thought to honor Sean Price’s life by keeping intact what he fought so hard to preserve.

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All net proceeds from the Sean Price x UCL “Preserving the Legacy” collection will go towards setting up a college fund for Sean’s daughter, Shaun. #SEANFORSHAUN