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What originally started off as a string of songs meant to spread messages of hope & happiness, long-time music maestro, David Culliner, was able to turn his key phrase "Love this Life" into a bonafide lifestyle movement. Before too long, the term became the core calling card for the brand, however, had meaning for many beyond the physical. "Love This Life" became a reflection of passions...possibilities...memories...vulnerabilities.

The brand's "Manifesto" T-shirt, which featured empowering lyrics David wrote while in midst of working through his own personal adversities, started popping up in and around the streets of California, eventually finding its way into Fred Segal, People Magazine, MTV Music Video Awards, Academy Awards and Grammys. Love This Life's "Manifiesto" collection is a meeting ground between LTL's expressive optimism and urbancoolab's quest to reshape contemporary design codes.