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Chris Crack represents all that is good about The Windy City. Part emo, part profound, part goofy and part witty, Chris is an on-the-grind artist currently in the process of cementing his place amongst other up-and-coming lyricists. 

Brutally honest and cleverly insightful, Chris’ music is impossible to classify and is best looked at as a snapshot of a specific moment along his evolutionary timeline. His projects—at times—can come across as a mixtape-style playlist, littered with snippets of comedic stand-up routines and film dialogues that stylishly interrupt his sinister flow. Already considered one of the game’s waviest rappers, Chris grew up listening to the R&B records his father filled the family home with.

Those who follow Chris Crack on social media know all about the man’s tireless work ethic. Not only does he tease new music via social channels on a regular basis, Chris is very much in tune with today’s political climate, and as you would likely expect, will bite his tongue for absolutely no one. Case in point being his album “Good Cops Don’t Exist,” to which the artist captioned the post asking all of his followers to drop animated pig emojis within the Instagram share.

Now that Chris Crack’s stock is in the midst of an astronomical upswing, now is as good a time as any to fortify his music career with a merch line as “colorful” as he is.

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