The Command Sisters

The Command Sisters

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“Style for us is another way of creative expression. Artists like David Bowie, David Byrne, and Lady Gaga really inspire me while designing the creative elements of our group. They’re visual brand speaks volumes alongside their music - we hope to even be able to express 1% of their creativity in our work,” says Sarah on the band’s unique style sensitives.

Harnessing the untapped power of artificial intelligence, urbancoolab’s STiCH platform factored in a barrage of visual cues in which to build a set of graphics around. When asked to comment on artificial intelligence’s place within fashion, Charlotte says “I feel like we’d get to see how AI changes over the years and compare it to how things are in the future.  It would be so cool.” Spread out over a mix of tonal hoodies, tees and track pants, the Command Sisters’ “CMND” capsule is ready to cop now.

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