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Considered the world’s very first AI-generated streetwear brand, Fear of What’s creative ideologies are hinged upon false perceptions of fear. Fear as a lack of courage to face unknown truths is a predicament most artists struggle with and is often the hurdle that stifles forward momentum. Fear of What gathers visual pain points, kicking off a process of artistic analysis through UCL’s artificial intelligence machine, STiCH. Using advanced machine learning metrics, the computational process unlocks its charms in the absence of fear and is prepared to scour the far-off recesses of the world wide web to do so. 

Fear of What’s creative process runs on the antithesis of fear, deriving its power from absolute freedom. Part grim, part morbid, yet poetically expressive all the way around, for Fear of What’s first capsule, STiCH thought to use ghastly images with intrinsic angst built in as its creative focal point. To thematically align with the brand’s launch, STiCH gathered pictures of characters known for instilling fear in the young, or young at heart.

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