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Milanese-bred conceptual artist Marco Melgrati is an accomplished creator whose professional oeuvre is built upon the precepts of truth. Melgrati is a modern-day raconteur adept at narrating stories through the use of original imagery. His work is a direct reflection of everyday life that is often informed by equal parts playfulness and clever subversion.

The artist’s illustrations unearth a certain level of candor that is meant to be dissected and explored while playing with society’s perception of the present. His professional portfolio reads like a visual commentary of sorts—some as an optical catalog of current events, while others are sad realties as old as time itself. For his first capsule, a series of graphic imagery, touching on everything from mass acceptance, individuality and societal change can be seen imbued across a range of simplistic streetwear staples. First through digital renders and now through clothing capsules, Melgrati chose the humble T-shirt as his medium of choice.