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Risen from the ashes of social unrest and economic turmoil comes a streetwear brand that encompasses the metaphysical teachings found in dharma—an aspect of reality relating to the social order and universal truths of daily life. It is believed that those who follow such doctrine can interrupt the cycles of death and rebirth, achieving a type of liberation deemed imperative to artistic creation. Dharma means different things to different cultures, leaving itself open to subjective interpretation; similar in concept to art itself.

The brand borrows its name from the ‘Wheels of Dharma’ and abides by a set of design tenets that appeal to contemporary art aficionados. As a result, WD40 contextualizes these beliefs in the form of design capsules. The brand’s clothing is guided by a balanced periphery formed on the pillars of music, yoga, meditation and mindfulness, with an artistic lens centered around abstract designs and modern art. For its inaugural offering, the brand chose to integrate a bevy of artistic symbols against minimalistic backdrops, which is representative of living a balanced life within a larger transcendental framework.

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