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A streetwear capsule is an art and a “social fact”, that must be related to other social facts in order to be accounted for. The symbolic ingredients of a streetwear capsule — its “meaning” — are as “social” as its aesthetic, material, or expressive aspects. They are all “dimensions” of social reality. Streetwear collectively is aggregate left by the operations of the cultural code. They reject social norms and absorb the forces of their other – inertia, resistance, powerlessness, silence. Our work is to use artificial intelligence machines to collaborate with humans to create “social art”, this “social art” amplifies human stories that bubble from the grassroots. Time to join the resistance to the trickle-down culture.

urbancoolx is an online marketplace that is home is to an impressive roster of visionary design talent. It separates itself from other platforms by leveraging the artistic aptitude of some of the scene’s most daring creators; although, through a highly-advanced technological lens. Here, you can explore a myriad of cutting-edge designs laid out on an assemblage of casual streetwear staples.

With artificial intelligence placed at the forefront of our design philosophy, we will push the fashion industry forward, past the realm of mortal imagination. The only way to see this through is for humans and machines to co-create with one another. 


In order to move the fashion landscape forward, we believe in empowering those who have a real story to tell. By removing the initial barriers that discourage artists from launching brands in the first place, we’re shifting the power back to where it truly belongs; the creative community and those who keep it running. 

urbancoolx operates on a made-to-order basis with zero inventory on hand--all in efforts to curb unnecessary waste no one asked for. According to the Ellen McArthur Foundation, 87% of fashion items produced will go on to be landfilled or incinerated. In one year alone, a fast fashion giant was sitting on $4 billion in unsold garments.

Our decision to sidestep storage and warehousing overhead means we get to place our focus on where it truly matters; the art. At the end of the day, we’re interested in leaving a positive ecological footprint in the most stylish way we know how.